What is Mobile Website Design

What is mobile website designYou hear people talking about mobile website design but do you fully understand the hype?

The evolution in how we browse the web has transformed by an unimaginable scale in the past two years or so. The opportunity to get your hands on tablets that suit all budgets as well as the birth of the Phablet, (Yep that really is a real term for Phone/Tablet) which is a mobile phone with a screen size approximately 5.5 inches, means that your online presence needs to keep up in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

Latest figures show that around 80% of our browsing time is now done on a mobile device and if you have a website that is not responsive to adapt to the screen size of the tablet or mobile phone that your website visitor is using, then you stand a chance on missing out on potential business.

So, what are the major differences to a standard desktop website and a mobile website? Firstly and most obviously is that the mobile website can open upto ten times quicker than a standard website. Especially when you are in an area where 3G is not in its most accebile location. We have all been there when we are desperatly trying to open a website using a 3G connection and we can see the phone is straining to unravel the heavy loading website, being urged on by every ounce of energy in our minds only for it to fail and crash. Well thats where the mobile website will come in to its own and play a part in combatting this.

Secondly, the navigation is easier to use. Gone are the requirements to zoom in and out in order to hit the correct navigation label as the mobile site has its very own navigation system in place to ease this burden.

And thirdly, the mobile website responds to screen size and reformats the appearance of the web page including resizing the images to ensure that you can have a comfortable browsing experience without having to ever touch the screen other that to navigate between websites and pages. Finally and best of all from the website owners point of view is that you can have your telephone number on hot dial so that your potential visitors can click on your telephone number straight form the website without the need for a pen and paper.

So, if you would like to know more about going mobile then give us a shout and we can fill you in as to how we can get you on the road without the huge outlay that some companies are quoting.