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Bingo Supermarket – Europes Biggest Bingo Website Goes Live

Bingo SupermarketIf you are in to bingo then the chances are you will have heard about Bingo Supermarket.

The UK bingo industry is worth a staggering £1.2 billion pounds per year and our client is at the center of it. For a number of years they have been the go to people for all the major operators for both online gambling sites as well as the land based companies when they need to share promotions and news articles.

We were also involved in the branding consultations that helped create their new logo as well as tying up their other bingo related companies and social networking with the same brand indentity.

Until June 2013, Bingo Supermarket had been operating their site on a Joomla CMS platform that had become not only tired in its appearance but also on the brink of complete melt down due to the sheer size of the website. We were given the project of a complete re-design using a different platform that needed to be both more stable as well as having the flexibility to sustain the daily growth of the site. With nearly four thousand pages indexed with Google, our job was to rebuild the entire original site page by page but also to boost the Search Engine Optimisation to ensure they maintained their presence in all the major search engines.

After consultations with their business development team we came up with a strategy that created a balance between looking stylish, appealing to all age groups and to ensure that the site had a news orientated feel to it. The project started in February of this year and finally hit completion in June and was launched and presented to Google on the 15th of this month.

Within four days their first news story had already hit position two in Google. With many complications along the way including attempted (and failed) migration of thousands of blog posts and news stories from Joomla to WordPress as well as rethinking the original strategy, both Bingo Supermarket and Midlands Online Media have come out the other end with the most satisfying result both in terms of the overall design of the site as well as the instant results in Google’s rankings. As of today, Google has already ranked three thousand of its pages within ten days of the launch.

The website consists of over one hundred online bingo site reviews and holds the information to nearly every single bingo club both past and present (in excess of 2000 clubs). Most pages contain banner adverts and affiliate click throughs to maximise income opportunities and they have already seen an upturn in the gaming companies coming back to them to increase advertising opportunities.

The experience that we have gained from this project through the highs and lows has been incredible and its fair to say that we now know that our preferred Content Management Platform is WordPress, where we feel that almost nothing is impossible to achieve with regards to the tools needed to make your website as dynamic and interactive as possible.

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