10 Examples of Bad Website Design

10 Examples of bad website design

10 Examples of bad website designEvery day we browse through hundreds of websites while we conduct research for our clients website projects and boy do we come across some shocking examples of bad website design.

So, on this blog I am having a tongue in cheek look at some of the worst that I have found on the internet. As mentioned in one of my previous blog posts here (Free Website or Paid website) some of the biggest problems is that people sign up to self website builder services without having the necessary skills to create good images as well having the expertise to identify what looks good and what looks not so good.



So lets start with this site www.irishwrecksonline.net/ – Certainly not the worst example that you will see on this blog post but lets examine the issues.

Firstly, its been built using tables which has a fundamental floor in it for modern day browsing. It is not responsive to the mobile web. You have to scroll left and right as well as use your fingers to zoom out when the site opens up on your mobile phone.

Secondly, it was built in an age where it was considered cool to have a landing page that forced people to click a button or an image to enter the site, in this case the picture of the ship! And finally, there is not a navigation bar present leaving the visitor to the site to figure out how to switch from page to page



Next up we have this beauty of a website that was found while we were researching for a Wine Importers website. Click here www.mrbottles.com but we warned, you need to make sure the volume on your pc is turned down low.

This poorly designed website really needs no introduction. Its right up there with the worst we have come across on the web.

Not only does it look bad, but if you insist on reading the content on the homepage, by the 5th paragraph you start to get a headache. Incredibly, this site is still being updated on a regular basis which makes the mind boggle as to what these guys see when they look at their website.



And finally, this website has every element of bad design you can think of, bright metallic colours, its made in Flash meaning it cant be viewed on most Apple products, the navigation bar links that open up in new tabs but best of all each page has its own music.

Click here www.industrialpainter.com

Here are some more corkers of really bad website design









Footer note: If you are the owners of one of these 10 examples of bad website designs then I am sorry if any offence is caused, this page contains my own views and opinions and so consider this as free advertising

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